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Welcome to the Zoltach Community

Throughout time there have been many spirits who have come to this reality to speak to & guide humanity. Each spirit messenger brings a unique message from “non ordinary reality” and in turn this valuable life information is given to those who are drawn by a beacon from home to hear it (via group or private readings).

Zoltach IS one of those spirit messengers with important guidance to share & he has been speaking to & assisting folks just like you from all over the world since the beginning of time. There are no mistakes and each & every person who attends to hear spirit speak was truly meant to be present and they in turn then evolve from the message(s) given to them whether they realize it or not. In essence each person that responds to the internal call to hear spirits message becomes themselves a spirit messenger as they return to their lives after the reading session armed with new and important soul information which will change the course of everything and everyone around them sometimes in the smallest but most profound way.

I welcome you home again in your physical form to this powerful place where spirit speaks directly through me to you for the purpose of evolution both in yourself & others. Not to worry you have spoken to Zoltach before in the “non physical” or spirit realms before you were born so consider this a magical family reunion.

As we grow in our spiritual understandings we are getting closer to what the goal of this existence is & in turn you will ask greater questions about your life's path & the role you play overall in humanity.

Private Spiritual Retreats

Private Spiritual Retreats

Each year Sayge journeys many hours across 2 provinces to his personal retreat located in a very remote area of Quebec to study, re-charge, reflect and re-connect with his path. To explore further the information provided by Zoltach and to speak with the many spirit helpers made available to him through nature while on this retreat.

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Upcoming Appearences

Being of service to others and supporting communities in many ways has always been the primary goal of Sayge and Zoltach. Through his important work with spirit Sayge gives back to the community.

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I am lost for words. This experience has opened up my mind & soul to new ways of thinking and enjoying my life. I hope to meet Zoltach again very soon. What an amazing man ! Thank you.

Peggy M., Mar. 2008


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