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Thank you Rev. Sayge for your willingness to support the growth of ALL by channeling the messages from Zoltach and the Collective.

I AM so looking forward to learning and growing more and more each and every day.

Namaste my friends.

Rudi (Sept 2017 - Simcoe, Ontario)

Sayge offers messages with a twinkle in his eye and love in his heart. You can trust him

D.A. (Western NY)

Sayge is the type of person everyone just loves being around. Strong work ethic, great personality.

A.J. (Whitby, Ontario)

Sayge has thoroughly impressed me time and again

Cliff Preston C.H.T.
Dr. Nance McLeod (Niagara on the Lake, Ontario)

Sayge: Channels a highly evolved entity named Zoltach

We are featuring an international Medium named Sayge this month. Sayge is one of the most genuine loving human beings I have ever known. Not only is he gifted but his heart and soul is truly here to help all who seek his guidance. I am always telling people to be very careful of fake psychics who dishonestly have people coming back for readings often through using fear tactics. Sayge is one of the very few authentic Mediums that I refer many too for readings. Sayge has a gentle way of making you feel special and loved in his presence. If you are looking for a channeler who channels a wonderful loving entity Sayge is the one for you.

The entity that Sayge channels is named Zoltach. Zoltach is a highly evolved spirit that can help to answer difficult life questions for you. I have worked hand in hand with this beautiful spirit and he is like no other. Zoltach will answer any questions you want but be prepared to receive the answer you may not have thought of. Zoltach has helped all from one corner of this world to the other. Sayge travels quite often to large groups of people who are ready to spiritually grow in leaps & bounds. Zoltach has much to teach us all and if you are looking for an uplifting evening this is a wonderful way to receive healing in your life. Zoltach's words will move your soul and have you wanting more. The knowledge Zoltach has to share with us is endless but very necessary to hear for our spiritual understanding.

Sayge & Zoltach can be reached by e-mail or go on their website to see all upcoming event in our area. You won't be disappointed. God bless you all in your life's journey.

From Betty Bivand
Ghost Eliminators, this was posted on her website

Sayge is a Channeller who will be recognized as one of the greats. I do endorse his loving spiritual work. Recommend totally.

Cliff Preston C.H.T.
Deep Trance Channel (2011)

The messages spoke loud and clear to me .... not just the messages meant for me either! :)

Maureen Bonham (Niagara Region)

I think this was one of the most powerful sessions we've had. Words cannot describe it.

Linda Dinga (Smithville, Ontario)

I absolutely agree (I think this was one of the most powerful sessions we've had). There was a very strong connection between everyone there. Now I really can't wait to read your new book. Last night was the key that I have been searching for to unlock the chains.

G. Winning (Niagara)

Absolutely mind-blowing

A. Sheehan

Hi Sayge,
Last night was amazing...I am still wowing...I went home and told my mom of your abilities, and now we would like to book something.


Completely amazing! We will see you again soon!


I've been looking forward to meet with Zoltach and Sayge for quite some time. When I met Sayge and Zoltach this afternoon and hearing Zoltach talking through Sayge. It was amazing so real and truthful till the end; very specific detailed overwhelming especially when I asked about my passing beloved daughter. I certainly will meet them again and again. I can not describe the joy and the feeling knowing what I know today. This has been an experience of a life time thanks to Zoltach and Sayge for allowing me to experience this amazing journey. I also would like to thank Nancy for being kind and loving.


You told it like it is ! You are the Dr.Phil of the spirit world.

L. Chambers
Oshawa, Ontario

Thank you... this is the connection I have been looking for.

Grimsby, Ontario

Thank you so much this was an awesome experience. I will be back.

J. Warren
Grimsby, Ontario

This was a very incredible evening for me, it touched me. I will be back.

C. Hoskin
Grimsby, Ontario

This was a wonderful experience. I will be back.

Grimsby, Ontario

Fantastic as usual. Thank you for the helpful information

Barbara Faulkner
Oshawa, Ontario

Another great night in your fabulous energy ! Many thanks to Zoltach for his insightfulness and humour

Linda Anderson
Whitby, Ontario

Many thanks for a very interesting, thought provoking evening and messages. You have given me a lot of food for thought.

Rev. Barbara Hampson
Whitby, Ontario

Thank you for the experience of having a private reading. The information is priceless to me. The manner of giving is great & comfortable.

Whitby, Ontario

Zoltach is a gift that you bring to us all year long.


Had a wonderfully relaxing time. Thanks.

Randy McAllister
(Meditation Night Client)

It was another amazing and empowering experience shared with some of the most positive people in my life! Again, I feel as though something has been unlocked and more good things are to come!

Lesley Jones-Robertson
(Meditation Night Client)

Take care Sayge, Thank you for giving me the peace I have been seeking for most of my life, and I hope it will stay with me for the rest of my contract! Love Ya!

L.R., October 27th/08
(Niagara Region)

Zoltach confirmed for me what I knew in my heart to be true. A very profound and deep connection was felt. Words cannot describe all that I felt.

J.L., September 15th/08
(Niagara Region)

Having you and your director Sophia come to my home was a great experience. At first we thought it would be pure jokes but it turned out to be one of the funnest personal gatherings, emotional, laughs, truths and best of all real. It was incredible. I highly recommend a group gathering.

L.Bush, August 1st/08
(Toronto, Ontario)

I was very impressed, now a believer. I was very happy to know that my brother (who passed ) was with me.

M.Fox, October 7, 2008

I am very glad that you came and that my family is around me. Thank You.

Pauline Russell, October 7, 2008
(St.John Newfoundland, Canada)

One more Thank You for coming down to Buffalo on Monday. In one short hour your reading helped to give me insight I have been looking for, for is like being given a great luminous gift. The connection of sitting with a like BEing, I can only describe as glowing!! I have always felt, believed, and taught my children that our purpose on this earth is for each other---you have underscored that. You have now given me direction on a path I have been destined for. I truly believe one factor in my chronic migraines has been the frustration of not knowing what I was supposed to be doing with the energy within this body of mine. This, I know is the beginning.....most likely I will be looking to you for more direction and advice as you are able to give it.

The recording [of the session] is something I am certain to be referring to time and again. You, and Zoltach have lifted my heart, and my spirit---to know my purpose, to help others be all that they can, I hope will in a small way bring great joy to this troubled world.

Blessings to you, BEing of Light and Love,

Ann Marie, August 5/08

I think the problem with me is that my focus is scattered. As Zoltach said I need to blend my unconscious & conscious minds. Sayge you're my man

Ish Burkina - Faso (West Africa), July 25th/08

What Zoltach told me about my health was totally true. He didn't know anything about me and he confirmed all my ailments

D. Bush. July 25th/08

I want to thank Sayge for his ability to bring us the wisdom of Zoltach. I found the information of great help.



Finally found what I was missing

Irene H., July 24th/08

Continue to do this wonderful work

Flavio, July 24th/08

There are no words to express this evening, it was different, exciting, and confirms what I feel I know already. Take care till next time!

Darlene, July 24th/08

So uplifting at such a low time in my life

Susan, July 24th/08

Such an enlightening experience, there are no words to describe. Thank you from my very soul !

May 19th/08, Gisele (Niagara)

Wow, absolutely incredible. Zoltach is quite the guide. Looking Forward to meeting him again

May 17th/08, Julia (Toronto)

Fantastic experience, my first one. I really look forward to seeing you again.

May 8th/08, Ron

I just wanted to tell that I really enjoyed meeting you and Nancy. During my reading with Zoltach, he said I would be meeting new friends who are very spiritual and I would be going to school. What I had forgotten about, is that I had already registered for classes. They consist of angel healing, negative energy and spiritual growth. Just thought you would be interested in knowing this.

April 17/08, Carol Reece-Alymer

The energy was amazing, I am thankful I was able to experience it.


April 14th/08, Jen (Fonthill, Ontario)

Sayge & Zoltach are a wonderful breath of fresh air and food for the soul. Thank you !

April 14th/08, Linda Anderson

Genuine Vibrations

April 3rd/ 08, M.T.

Tears Of Joy

April 3rd /08 (Group Night), Shelia

Tonight was a great experience very interesting to see people get so emotionally touched. I enjoyed it very much

April 3rd/08 (Group Night)
Barb, Port Colbourne, Ontario

I am lost for words. This experience has opened up my "mind" and "soul" to new ways of thinking and enjoying my life. I hope to meet Zoltach again very soon. What an amazing man! Thank you.

P. Miliani
March 27th/08

Just wanted to say thanks for a major life changing session. You had mentioned the word "Ashen" and if you recall that I said I felt like all the blood had drained from my body hearing the messages of Zoltach. Well, according to the dictionary the word means pale, a face drained of all color. How appropriate that you would choose to use that word.

Thanks for your wonderfully infectious energy. I can see why so many people feel inspired being in your presence. I for one felt completely comfortable with you and can't thank you enough for taking the time to help me sift through the many grains in my life. I also look forward to our next meeting. Yes, there will definitely be another meeting.

Blessings, S.B. (Niagara Region)

I am lost for words. This experience has opened up my mind & soul to new ways of thinking and enjoying my life. I hope to meet Zoltach again very soon. What an amazing man ! Thank you.

Peggy M., Mar. 2008

What an amazing experience. Alan Drew - Reiki Master was the guest speaker. He decided that I needed a healing by drum. It was very interesting to say the least. My whole body was shaking like crazy. it was emotional and enlightening. Zoltach was very interesting as usual. Thanks Sayge, Alan and others for a great evening.

T.C., Feb. 2008

I am so happy and blessed by this experience. You are part of my journey. Zoltach is delightful and I look forward to meeting them again. As when I am in Cliff's presence I feel a complete and wonderful peace when I'm here. And it is no mistake that I chose the nite that Alan Drew was here. The information I received not only from Zoltach but from your guests has sent me on a wonderful journey.

Linda Dinga, Feb. 2008

I greatly appreciate the information I received tonight. It will make the writing of my book flow much more easily. The life information was invaluable to me. I can relax and let life flow!

M.W., Feb. 2008

An amazing experience ! Zoltach was able to bring through an entity known to me as "Grandpa Sodeke". He spoke directly to me and it was an amazing experience. I am so blessed to be in Zoltach's beforeance.

Kim, Feb. 2008

Thank you so much for this uplifting experience. I feel a large weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I will be in your presence and company again.

P.H. (Niagara Region Group Night), Dec. 2007

This being my first group, it was amazing and very enlightening. My questions were answered and some things affirmed in my mind. Thank you.

R.H. (Niagara Region Group Night), Dec. 2007

Many answers I had in the past were answered this evening about Jesus and I am satisfied with the answers given.

Pat (Niagara Region Group Night), Dec. 2007

I am a bubbling idiot - I have so much energy and I am filled with so much light and love. I feel like I am going to explode. I love Zoltach. He is warm, funny and full of surprises. My life has changed so much since I met Sayge. Peace be with you all in the light of everlasting love.

K.T., Nov. 2007

Esta experienca es nueva paiz mi en el aspecto de gue anos anteriores me hubiera causcedo miedo, pero hoy senti la fuerza, poder paz interior de algo bieeno que erfoco mis sentidos respeto al futuro - gracias.

Lupita, Cuernavaca, Mexico

I am from Cuernavaca Mexico and the experience (with Zoltach) was unexpected, delightful and joyful with a powerful energy. Thanks you so much!

Yolanda, Nov 2007

My experience with Zoltach was an emotional one. I have been concerned about my health for quite some time. Zoltach felt this and came to me with the answers I was seeking and advice I could easily follow. Zoltach was understanding and showed great compassion. Taking my hand and looking into my eyes, Zoltach comforted me with a truth only meant for me. This happy and jovial energy will capture you in a way you cannot imagine.

Coryn M., Niagara Region

I have been to many psychics for "readings" over the years and have been quite happy with what they have told me. Some have been better than others but the one thing they seem to have in common is, I was always left with unanswered questions. I would sit across a table from the psychic and listen to the information that was offered and then was allowed to ask a few questions, maybe.

With Zoltach, you ask any and every question you want. Anything you want to know, you can ask. It has taken me some time to get used to the fact that Zoltach doesn't just give the warm and fuzzy answers that I had gotten used to with a psychic. Talking to spirit directly is a real conversation like no other I have ever had. It's not one sided by any means. If you question his answers he will take the time to put it all in a perspective you can understand. Zoltach has helped me to understand why I am here, what my life's path is and what is the best way to achieve my goals. Suddenly, all the bits of information I had gathered from different sources throughout the years was all coming together. It's like the dots were now being connected and the world beyond what we see was making perfect sense. I believe we all know when we are being told the truth. We can feel it deep in the center of our beings. This feels right to me.

Gail Jones, St. Catharines

I appreciate being a part of this interesting evening/ You have assisted me in continuing my journey to explore alternative outlooks on spirituality & faith.

Julie, St.Catharines

Fascinating! I really appreciate being invited to this session. I would be interested in knowing much more and am certain there is much more! I thank you for your part in the recent improvement of my health following surgery I under went. Thank you!

Dianne Scott, Ottawa Canada
September 07

I can't believe the feeling I experienced during my healing ! I almost felt like I was floating & a warm feeling. Thank you so much Sayge for giving me the experience & pleasure of meeting Zoltach. I will definitely be back.

Thanks again.

Dianne Budd

Awesome experience. I will be back again for sure! Sayge is an amazing person and I am glad to have met Zoltach.

Tammy Coull
September 20th/07

At the end of my session I felt a warmth up my back & legs,which are affected by my lymphodema for many years, suddenly I felt lighter and the incessant ache faded. Dark energies were removed from the front's and backs of my knees. This leaves me very hopeful & excited. I am very grateful for this opportunity.

E.A. Sept 18th/07

Zoltach was my first experience with trance channeling. Within 10 minutes of hearing Zoltach speak, Sayge was replaced in my mind with Zoltach's personality, higher energy and words. Zoltach had knowledge of me that Sayge could not know. After my session I felt vibrationally high, and very happy with the answers I was given. I felt peaceful and conflicted at the same time. Conflicted because my mind had to decide if it was going to change the original belief it was clinging to, that what I had experienced could not happen. How could there be an actual plane of existence where spirit watches over us? I had always verbally said I believe, but to actually have proof and believe with my entire being was another thing. The peace I felt was as a result of the words that had been spoken to my soul, and the conflict was resolved once my mind caught up with what my soul already knew. What I had seen was real.

Zoltach has helped me to follow my path. With his guidance I am learning to listen to my inner voice, and trust in myself. As a result I feel more confident in every aspect of my life, I have an inner peace I have never known before. Now that I am able to enjoy the flow of my life and understand that there are no mistakes, and I am open to the daily gifts that I receive from life.

Melanie Wrighton, Thorold

I requested a reading from Zoltach due to my ongoing horrific nightmares – which I had had since childhood. Other psychics had either refused to work with me or told me scary things about my past lives. Zoltach's friendly and reassuring manner brought me immediate ease. He immediately said that if such things I had heard were true he [They] would say so – and they weren't. He did tell me about past lives I had lived which resonated strongly with me, and he gave me facts about my life and future which prove out daily. From that point on I have been free of nightmares and sleep through the night.

T.G. Niagara Falls

What an absolutely beautiful experience that I will never forget.

Whitby, Ontario, 2009

The energy was beautiful and I felt and knew that I was speaking to greatness of spirit.

Shelia Scott
Whitby, Ontario, 2009

Great energy tonight, beautiful messages,one of the best channellings I have seen!

Whitby, Ontario, 2009

Thank you for the beautiful messages & the wonderful loving guidance. This was an amazing step on my spiritual journey. Zoltach is incredible

Mandy Normeyle Whitby, Ontario, 2009

Wow!! I am awwed, very satisfied! Thank you, definitely coming to see you again. God Bless

Tanya Quigley
Whitby, Ontario, 2009

Awesome experience! It was my first time and I would definitely come again. Excellent! Thanks so much!

Miranda Russell
Whitby, Ontario, 2009

Truly an experience to remember. Thank you.

Gerry Cassidy
Whitby, Ontario, 2009

Learned so much tonight from of a kind experience!! My head is still spinning with what I learned....thank you to everyone I met tonight!!!!

Jayne Thomas
Niagara Region, Ontario, April 9th/09 - Group Night

I use to fear change, now I`m embracing it, thank you

Niagara Region, Ontario, April 2009

Even though I was skeptical in the beginning I really enjoyed the meeting and understand, have more trust in my future. Thanks so much for everything.

Karla Rittinger
Stuttgart, Germany, April 2009

The experience was everything I expected. I am looking forward to seeing how it all turns out.

Gisela Hunt
Grimsby, Ontario, April 2009

I danced for Zoltach and was in spirit with him. I feel delighted to have reconnected

Diane, May/09
Ottawa, Ontario

Wonderful, awesome experience ! Thanks Zoltach, Thanks Sayge!

Wanda Quinn, May/09
Gatineau, Quebec

Incredible experience, be well

Carol May/09
Ottawa, Ontario

Very nice to meet you, hope to see you again, nice work with spirit, keep up the good work always, god bless you

Mas, May/09
Ottawa, Ontario

I can't tell you how touched I am ! This was one of the most heart warming & enlightening experiences ever ! I will visit Zoltach for a progress report soon ! ox

Tracey Mitchell, May/09
Welland, Ontario

Just watched the show (History of a Haunting), loved it! You didn't tell me how intense it was for you, I was really worried. Can't wait to see the next one. Good job!!!!

Niagara, Canada

Awesome job my friend! :)

A. Horan
Niagara Canada

Re: History of a Haunting,

That was GREAT!!!! You all did a fantastic job.. Congrats!!!

D. Ganzda
Nova Scotia, Canada

Re: History of a Haunting,

Your show is awesome, I watched it, WOW you are so gifted. I am so happy you are dong this. I love how they put it all together, very good stuff!!

Sacred Breakthroughs
Niagara, Canada

Greetings Sayge,
Thank you for sending the link to your new TV series (History of a Haunting). I finally had an opportunity to sit down and watch it from start to finish. This show is remarkable and it is so wonderful to see the Canadian side of paranormal investigation and talent. I wish you and the crew much success and can hardly wait to see the next episode.

The professionalism of yourself and your team was wonderful but I think the compassion and caring extended to the family featured was very moving. This show is very inspiring as it will move the paranormal out from behind hushed doors into becoming something that we shouldn't fear. It will help move us more towards the Light.

Catherine and Catina

When we thought that life couldn't get anymore fun, Dale and I attended an amazing evening with Sayge international psychic, author, and star of the show "History Of A Haunting".

We really didn't have any expectations but the evening proved to be a blow us away event. I believe that all those that attended with us felt the same. Playing with the amazing people we have been blessed to play with has been a very joyful experience.

Sayge as agreed to come back to Calgary in February and we are so looking forward to inviting all of you to join us for an evening to remember. We will keep you in the loop. You will not want to miss this event.

Cathy Jacobs - Owner of Angels Cappucino, Ice Cream & Cafe
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Very Insightful, Thank you

Edmonton, Alberta, 2009

Great Messages loved it

Edmonton, Alberta, 2009

Great session, looking forward to what the next 6 months - 2 years will bring on my path, thank you

Tammy from Edmonton

Thank you so much for the message you gave to guide me. See you next year.

Edmonton, Alberta, 2009

What a wonderful night! Thank you my friend for sharing this time with us. Much Love!

Alex Sheehan
St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, 2009

My first channelling session was very interesting, enlightening and full of pleasant surprises. Sayge & Zoltach are a great team, I have good input for moving forward on my path. I can hardly wait until the next time

D. Nickerson
Grimsby, Ontario, 2009

Love & warmth, safety, feelings of love.

Michelle Cumiskey
Cork, Ireland & Niagara On The Lake, 2009

I had a lovely experience, see you soon

Erika Douglas (Niagara)

Thank you for your insight - I never would have thought of the path you painted for me .

Murielle Hall
St. Catharines, Ontario

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