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Services & Bookings

Sayge will travel to any location for a private or group session. Please read the Things You Should Know section.

Giving Back To The Community

Being of service to others and supporting communities in many ways has always been the primary goal of Sayge and Zoltach. Through his important work with spirit Sayge gives back to the community by donating to and supporting various charities. As part of his joy & peace message to the world Sayge also supports at risk youth by providing them with valuable employment opportunities which allow them to grow emotionally & spiritually.

"Through your continued support of my work with Zoltach you are helping communities to heal and supporting those who are in need... those who are our future".

Many Blessings,

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Private Readings

Private consultations with Sayge can be booked at anytime.

30 Minute Private Reading: $150

Click Here to view the Reading Guidelines

Consultations can be taped at your request.

Please read the Things You Should Know section.

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Home Parties

Many of our clients love the amazing spirit energy of a Zoltach group event in their own home & have us back again & again. We encourage you to assemble friends and family for a spectacular evening of laughter, tears, food, friendship,love and a spiritual exploration of your life's path.

Your group will receive a verbal introduction from Rev.Sayge and an informative synopsis of his life as well as an overview of the many gift's of spirit communication (i.e channeling) he has been given. Then each member of your group will enjoy a reading (2 questions each maximum) with the spirit energy known as Zoltach as channeled by Sayge within the group setting to explore many of the unanswered questions in their lives. More than just a psychic reading, this one of a kind spirit experience will perhaps leave you yearning to know more about your own truth here on earth. (Hosts please ensure a box of tissues is on hand at your event)

(Note: Home party bookings require 10 participants. These sessions are approximately 2-3 hours in length)

The cost is $500 total ($50 per person) for this event & host of the event is responsible to pay Rev.Sayge **at the time of booking** then collect all fee's from the attending guests on thier own. Any guests who have reserved a seat with the host but do not attend the event regardless of the reason must still be paid for and all monies collected from guests are non refundable.

Note: Mileage charges extra outside of Milton area and additional travel fees may apply where applicable.


We accept credit card & paypal payments.

Call to inquire about date & time availability for your event. We are currently booking at least 30 days ahead so please plan your event at least one month in advance.

Home Party Booking, $500.00
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Open Reading Nights *All Welcome*

Sayge and Zoltach frequently hold open reading nights across the globe as an introduction to this magnificent spirit. These events are open to the public and guests are selected by the spirit Zoltach personally to ask their life path questions. These evenings are filled with love, laughter and guidance and are not to be missed!


Please note that you can have your personal questions (2 maximum) for Zoltach answered even if you cannot attend an open gallery reading event in person. Simply pay for your virtual spot at our open reading gallery event through the Pay Pal button below and forward your 2 questions via e-mail to Sayge.

At our next open reading gallery event anywhere globally we will ask your questions to the spirit Zoltach during the live group session and record it for you to hear. We will then forward the live recorded answers to your questions to you via e-mail or by regular mail.

No longer do you have to miss an open reading session again due to your busy schedule.

Cost $40 per person:
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Negative Energy Releases

Negative Energies range from aggressive to the child like when communicated with through Zoltach. Some are completely negative and cannot be helped and must be taken away with light and powerful good energies, which we often refer to as angels and the God Source. With the removal of negative energies you are free to experience healing in whatever form it is given and often symptoms are completely gone. The removal process is done in 4 stages.

More Information Read More about Negative Energy Releases
Negative Energy Removal, $700.00
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Sacred Animal Communication

Learn firsthand from Zoltach how your pet feels and what he or she is thinking and feeling about their relationship with you and your loved ones.

Through communication with our animals we can also learn about ourselves. As sensitive energetic beings, our animals pick up our negative beliefs, fears, and conditionings and they often mirror them back to us. Animals act out our imbalances and stresses within the family unit. By deepening our understanding of their behavior they can become our teachers and guides. As all humans have a purpose here on earth, so do animals. They are here to teach us more about love in its purest form, about “being” instead of “doing.”

Appointments are 20 minutes and cost $50.00. Pets do not have to be onsite but please bring a collar or other favourite article of the animal.

20 Minute Animal Communication Session: $50

Please read the Things You Should Know section.

If you have an immediate need, please contact us for more information.

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Animal Assistance With Death Preparation & Memorial Services

As our beloved pets prepare to cross over to the other side they sometimes have special or last minute messages for their family or sometimes they have messages on how to comfort them and ease their crossing. As a Shaman, Sayge is able to receive these special messages as well as assist in preparing the animal in the physical for the crossing into the non physical so that a smooth & respectful transition is completed for the animal and all loved ones concerned. A sacred shamanic memorial service / ceremony is then planned in honour of the animal with sensitive guidance and input from Rev. Sayge. Grief assistance and follow up care for the family is also available as requested.

Animal Assistance With Death
Preparation & Memorial Services: $350

Please read the Things You Should Know section.

If you have an immediate need, please contact us for more information.

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Metaphysical Life Coach & Spiritual Mentoring

As we move through our life we eventually meet times of confusion & change. We may find ourselves at a cross roads spiritually, mentally & energetically. Everyone needs direction,mentorship and additional knowledge along their path to assist them to the next stage or evolution in the life contract. Perhaps you may have undeveloped spiritual gifts to explore or you want to learn more about working with human body energy. Perhaps you just need grounding & balancing of your own and realignment with your energetic and spiritual flow. Whatever your quest, assistance is available from Sayge & Zoltach.

Sayge is a professional Metaphysical Life Coach who has guided people from around the world and with spiritual consultation and direction from his spirit guide Zoltach will assist you privately (one on one) in the areas of your life's path that require special attention or further development.

Sayge's very warm, personal and direct approach will allow you to feel comfortable at any level of experience on your journey. Regardless of your busy schedule this program can be flexible & custom designed to meet your needs.

Clients who travel frequently or require more intensive development or guidance can take advantage of our in-house program. This unique consultation program blends perfectly the human/spirit experience.

Metaphysical Life Coach
& Spiritual Mentoring: $85
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Spiritual Mentorship and Basic Intuitive Development Program

(Flexible financial assistance is available for this program if required)

Want to learn to become a spirit communicator or psychic/medium?

Have you ever had a deep calling to work with spirit to heal others body, mind & soul using ancient shamanic techniques?

Have you ever believed that life is much more than what you can see with your eyes and want to understand this unseen world and uncover its hidden messages?

International deep trance medium, shamanic practitioner and author Rev. Sayge will introduce you to the powerful world of spirit and teach you how to unlock your hidden potential & work with your spirit helpers to understand their messages for yourself & others.

This introductory basic program will give you a buffet experience with many different types of spirit communication & personal development strategies such as Shamanism, Psycometry, Meditation, Automatic Writing, Remote Viewing, Trance Channelling and energy based protection methods.

In this program you receive:
  • 10 weeks of instruction, spiritual guidance & mentorship (up to 90 mins per week) with Rev. Sayge to study, explore & develop areas of spirit communication, inner development and goal progression.
  • Includes basic intuitive introduction to several forms of spirit communication & includes handout information. As well subconscious exploration and positive reinforcement will be introduced & to enhance personal development. Students will partake in short field trips with Sayge to enhance understanding of teachings presented in weekly lessons. Homework is also assigned and must be completed by each student as requested.
  • Includes unlimited attendance at all Zoltach events for the 10 weeks.
  • Unlimited e-mails and 2, 20-minute phone calls per week for guidance and support if required over the 10 weeks.
(please note you are responsible for your own transportation to a Zoltach event) **Please note there will be a required reading list of books that Rev. Sayge recommends for your development** ***This program is a powerful personal journey and some students may find that the topics explored trigger strong emotional responses within them and this could cause deeply buried memories or experiences to suddenly arise.*** If you do now or have suffered from a mental health disorder please consult a medical professional before making application to this program Your path is your sacred contract and only you can determine the time and quality you will give to it. I am here as your guide on this journey.
Spiritual Mentorship and Basic Intuitive
Development Program: $2,000.00
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CD Recording Of Your Group Trance Session

Now you can order your very own copy of a community group night session that you attended and have a record of the profound guidance given to you from Zoltach. These CD's must be ordered within 30 days of the group night session.

Please Enter the Session Date (dd/mm/yyyy)

Cost $20

Phone Readings

Now you can experience the wisdom of Zoltach from anywhere in the world with a personal 30 min phone reading. Advance reservation is required and this service must be pre-paid at the time of booking.

**Please note at this time recordings of your session are not available for phone readings so you must be prepared on your end with paper & pen to record the answers given.**

30 Minute Phone Reading: $150

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**NEW** Crystal Ball Readings (In person or over the phone)

Rev.Sayge now offers the ancient art of crystal ball readings. During your 20 min session Rev.Sayge will use the crystal ball to access spirit and provide you with life guidance. ***Advanced booking reservations are required.***

Crystal Ball Reading: $45

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I have been to many psychics for "readings" over the years and have been quite happy with what they have told me. Some have been better than others but the one thing they seem to have in common is, I was always left with unanswered questions. I would sit across a table from the psychic and listen to the information that was offered and then was allowed to ask a few questions, maybe.With Zoltach, you ask any and every question you want. Anything you want to know, you can ask. It has taken me s...

Gail Jones, St. Catharines


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