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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Deep Trance channeling?

Deep Trance Channeling a mental state of deep trance where the person achieving the state is actually removing his or her conscious self. This is similar to going to sleep and talking while in the sleep state. To all outward appearances it seems as if the person is sound asleep yet able to talk.

Upon achieving this trance state, the host (the person doing the channeling) "Astral Travels" and is usually not consciously aware of the happenings that take place during the session. In order to achieve trance state the subject must raise his or her consciousness to a point where greater dimensions are encompassed. In effect the mind is allowed to more greatly expand its scope of understanding and its range of perception. At these levels the connection with spirit is achieved and information is given.

How does Sayge differ from other spirit workers I have seen?

Sayge conveys messages and life's path information from the other side unconsciously where most connectors to spirit do it only consciously. When communicating information through the unconscious state (Deep Trance Channeling) the client is afforded the opportunity to literally speak to spirit directly.

This is not a psychic, mind reader or fortune telling experience but rather a powerful, spiritual life guidance experience which will help you gain peace of mind & empower you to move forward past any situation which is limiting your personal growth in life.

Is this a cult or a religion ?

No! This is not a cult or an attempt to develop any kind of religion. I have a special ability of being able to connect with and channel a spirit energy known as "Zoltach". I use this gift of spirit connection to assist people with their lives when requested to do so. You are the one who decides what to do with the information that is given. This is NOT a religious service of any kind but rather a spiritual experience

Why do you charge money for the opportunity to speak with this spirit, shouldn't it be free?

Providing this gift of information and spirit connection to others is part of how I make my living just as people go to work in different industries every day. There are professional costs associated with providing this service (i.e. personal time & marketing etc) and ongoing financial, educational and research commitments I have made to further understand and develop my special gifts so that I may serve my clients to the best of my ability. You will find my services more expensive than most other spirit workers as deep trance channelling is an in depth process that requires an assistant to be present at all times. Having said that you will also find it a deeply rewarding experience.

What types of people come to you for spirit consultations or the other services you provide?

My clients come from all over the world and are from all walks of life. From business executives to husbands & wives and celebrities my client list goes on and on.

Is this spirit an evil or negative spirit?

The simple answer is no! The spirit Zoltach is only from the highest good and directly from the universal source. This spirit has been studied and researched and found to be an ascended master.

Who is the other person participating in a channeling session with Zoltach?

This other person with the notebook in hand is called the director and he or she must be present each time Sayge attempts a trance state. The role of the director is first for protection of Sayge's physical body and to prevent physical intrusion during the trance state from other people. The director also assists with clarifying questions of the client to Zoltach and the answers given back to the client. The director will also assist the client in many other ways during the session such as monitoring time of the session.

Can I take notes during a consultation with the spirit energy Zoltach?

Yes and we will generally record the session for you.

Can healing be performed in person or remotely by the spirit energy Zoltach?

Yes physical and spiritual healing can be performed both in person and remotely with the permission of the higher self.

What questions can be asked during a consultation?

Health, Life's path information, business decisions, the condition of deceased loved ones, relationships and most other personal questions you can think of. The only question that cannot be asked by the client is “when will I die”. It is my personal policy that this question not be asked and if it is then Zoltach will be directed not to answer.

Some information given by spirit does not make sense to me and seems to be incorrect.

Information given by spirit may resonate with clients and other times it may not because it is yet to happen or a name or situation talked about has been forgotten by the client in the past. Often times a client will call several days later to advise us that Zoltach was correct with a piece of information that had been forgotten at the time of the session or that the situation he described came true after the session.

When asking questions of Zoltach please remember that broad based or non-specific questions will get broad based and non-specific answers. For example, asking "When will my sister get married?" may be answered by spirit in months and years. A better way to ask the same question would be "Can you tell me what month and year my sister will be getting married?". If you want to know specific information about an issue you have to ask the specific question.

Why is it that sometimes my questions cannot be answered or the answers are vague?

There are certain circumstances where the information you desire cannot be answered because it has been determined by spirit that it is not in your best interest to know the answer to that part of your life contract. This is for your own well being and cannot be forced to be given. Also the information is not always available to spirit or only certain aspects of the information you seek are being shown. It is a common misconception today that all information is available all of the time to spirit. As with any journey here on earth sometimes there is fog and clarity is minimal. Simply keep the question for future consultations and ask again at that time.

How come Sayge is unable to recall the information given during the consultation when he comes out of trance state?

Sayge is what is referred to as an unconscious channel just like Edgar Casey and therefore not present when Zoltach is speaking through him and giving you information. Picture a curtain if you will and when in trance Sayge goes behind the curtain and Zoltach moves forward. When Sayge returns he is unaware of the session information that has just taken place. However he may get impressions or visions for up to a half hour after coming out of trance which he may relay to you from spirit if time permits.

What if I don't agree with Zoltach on the information given?

You have come to an evolved spiritual guide seeking answers to personal life questions. The answers given by spirit may sometimes be difficult to hear and challenge you mentally, emotionally and spiritually on many levels but they are always truthful, straight forward and from the highest good. It is encouraged to ask for a clarification of information provided. However, please do not engage Sayge, Zoltach or the director in a debate over the context of answers provided or the remainder of the session will be cancelled without refund.

Come with an open mind and let the information you are given sit with you to ponder for days, weeks & months if needed. In past readings validations have materialized for up to a year later from a reading.

How can Zoltach tell the future if he is a spirit from the past?

Spirit is not caught in time like we are as humans in body, therefore spirit has the ability to view past present and future events without restriction of time.

Zoltach uses a mixture of old and present day language, why?

Although he lived incarnate or in the physical body long ago he speaks to people of the present day period and through this he adapts new speaking phrases and terms of the present day into his vocabulary that people use with him. Then he in turn uses these various terms of language to assist you with your understanding of the information he presents.

Why do I feel light headed or odd after a reading?

You are part of a powerful energy cocoon when in the presence of Zoltach. When the Zoltach energy comes into the room or leaves it is not uncommon depending on your own energy level that day to feel the following: light headed, headache, euphoric, tired, weepy, disoriented or just plain happy. You will find after you leave the session and the energy dissipates that you will feel “normal” once again. Drink lots of water after a group or private session & take it easy for an hour or so.

Why is the Trance Director making notes during a session?

The Trance Director makes notes on many items during the session whether they be group or private, such as the start time of the session and certain information that is relayed by Zoltach to the client or group so that it may be reflected upon if required with the client(s) after the session is done. Other information that may be recorded for example is (but not limited to) Sayge's physical state during the trance session, persons names in attendance at the session, the length of time for each question that is asked so that equality and fairness may be observed within the time limits of each session. All personal information recorded on paper by the Trance Director is unless authorized by the client to be released kept strictly confidential.

Are any public or group sessions or discussions recorded in any way?

Yes, we from time to time record on video and/or audio our public sessions or group sessions for research & review and for marketing and promotion purposes. You must be aware that by attending one of our group or public events that you give us consent to use your image or words in any of our marketing or print advertising, book publications etc or for any other promotional purpose at any of our events without compensation to you.

(Please be advised that we never use in any way for the above purposes any part of a private one on one session or consultation unless authorized by the client)

Can I book one of my kids a consultation with Zoltach if they want to ask questions?

Children are often very intuitive to the spirit world and curious. If you feel as the parent or guardian that your child would benefit from speaking with Zoltach then yes we would welcome them to any one of our locations. We do however ask that the child be at least 16 years of age and that you as the adult accompany them to the session. Sayge is also available to discuss your child's gifts and development on a psychic intuitive level (regular rates apply).

Can I book Sayge as a key note speaker to talk about his special abilities and gifts at my school, community group, association or business.

It is always a pleasure to educate and inform others about the work I do and how I got to be here. The nature of my presentation is educational, compelling, fun and informative and is sure to leave your audience fascinated.

If you would like to book me please don't hesitate to call or e-mail and we will be pleased to inform you of program content and available dates

Can I book Sayge to come to my home or group meeting place?

Yes, Sayge will travel to any location for a private or group session. Please note that group sessions are held with a minimum of 10 persons present.

Where can I go to see Sayge channel spirit or speak?

You can view Sayge's full appearance schedule by clicking on the link.

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