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Welcome to Zoltach

Sayge is an international author, shaman & spiritual educator who deep trance channels a spirit entity known as Zoltach, a warm, gregarious spirit energy that provides valuable life guidance information for those who are in transition and seeking guidance along their path. Thousands of people from all over the world have benefited from the straight forward wisdom this spirit brings to life's most challenging issues.

Zoltach is the “lead spirit or spokes person” of this group of spirit energies from the universal source. His advice is delivered in a warm, understanding and jovial manner and with profound wisdom and is always presented in a way the listener will comprehend.

Being much more than just a psychic experience Sayge & Zoltach have been featured many times on TV & international radio. They continue to reach out to a global audience to educate people on their life contracts and impart transitional messages from the other side. Sayge believes in being of service to others & giving back to community whenever possible and in keeping with these beliefs he dedicates his time and mentors children, homeless at risk youth and seniors teaching them valuable life skills and life enhancement programming. Together Sayge & Zoltach continue to change the lives of those they meet every day for the greater good and for this Sayge says "I am both humbled and honoured"


I requested a reading from Zoltach due to my ongoing horrific nightmares – which I had had since childhood. Other psychics had either refused to work with me or told me scary things about my past lives. Zoltach's friendly and reassuring manner brought me immediate ease. He immediately said that if such things I had heard were true he [They] would say so – and they weren't. He did tell me about past lives I had lived which resonated strongly with me, and he gave me facts about my life and ...

T.G. Niagara Falls